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Owner/Guide Bob Quinn

Bob receiving the Goodhue-Elkins Award in 2010

Bob Quinn is a native of New Hampshire who has traveled and birded throughout North America since 1972. He worked for the Audubon Society of New Hampshire for nine years, becoming their first staff ornithologist. For 20 years, he was editor of the nesting season for NH Bird Records; he was a founding member of the NH Rare Bird Committee, and he has a keen interest in the status of breeding birds in New Hampshire.

He continues as an active volunteer for NH Audubon, and in 2010 he was honored with the respected Goodhue-Elkins award for contributions to ornithology in the state. He has led hundreds of field trips throughout North America including Alaska and Hawaii, as well as dozens of trips to Trinidad, Costa Rica, Belize, Panama, Ecuador, Brazil, Peru, Venezuela, Australia, New Zealand, Kenya, and Bhutan.

He is the proprietor of a natural history services business, Merlin Enterprises, and has worked on many local conservation projects. For example, his field work was instrumental in the establishment of the Pondicherry National Wildlife Refuge. As part of Merlin Enterprises, he believes that we can all make a positive contribution to protecting, living with, and enjoying our wildlife and their habitats. He encourages everyone to share his philosophy to help make this a reality.


 With local wildlife in Texas  In Nome, Alaska at midnight  With a Crimson Rosella in Australia




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