"Hold on to your hats!"

The fun and exciting world of travel with Merlin Wildlife Tours awaits you. For almost twenty years it has been my honor and pleasure to share the marvels of nature with hundreds of inquisitive travelers, many of whom have joined me again and again.
We have created fantastic memories, from here in New Hampshire, to as far away as, well, almost anywhere in the world. From the simple pleasure of a local sunrise full of bird song, to the thunderous roar of the world’s most amazing waterfalls, to the trampling hooves of big mammals, the sights and sounds come to life in our memories.
Please consider joining us on this magical journey across our marvelous planet, wherever Merlin Enterprises may take us.   Cheers- Bob

Bob- Thank you so much for a wonderful trip. I have learned so much and hope to travel in the future with you.” –  Jacquie Perine

Mission and Philosophy

View of the Presidential Range in NH’s White Mountains from the Pondicherry National Wildlife Refuge.

To enthusiastically entertain and educate people about the joy and importance of birds and their habitats, and other wildlife by conducting field trips, writing, giving lectures, and consulting; thereby motivating those people to appreciate their natural world enough so that they make a positive contribution to protecting, living with, and enjoying our world. He encourages everyone to share his philosophy to help make this a reality by taking meaningful actions, today!

Ultimately, Merlin will leave the wildlife and habitats of New Hampshire, New England, and beyond, measurably better, and with more caring advocates than ever before, who contribute their time, money, and expertise to make the world a better place for people and wildlife.

Cliff Geyser at Yellowstone Horned Puffin  Grand Canyon’s North Ri


Thank you so much for a wonderful informative and fun trip. Your knowledge, patience and flexibility are a treasure. I hope to travel with you again.”  – Mara Arico

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