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WEST TEXAS: The rugged grandeur of Big Bend National Park highlights a tour through an isolated part of this huge state. Combined with the Texas Hill Country, we will look at the differences between the relatively wet and green countryside near San Antonio and that of the desolate Chihuahuan Desert of the Trans-Pecos region. Vivid wildflowers, striking scenery, exotic cacti, remarkable birds and one of the most astounding mammal displays on the planet make this a truly unforgettable destination.

ALASKA: The Great land. There is no place like it on our continent. More superlatives apply to Alaska than any other state. It is so big that if it was divided in half each half would still be bigger than Texas. This show is a naturalist’s tour of the state with the focus on a three week hike and canoe trip in the wild Brooks Range of northern Alaska. Glacier Bay, Katmai, and Denali are some of the settings and Grizzly Bears, Caribou, Bald Eagles, ptarmigan, glaciers, and volcanoes are some of the characters.

CALIFORNIA: Birds and Scenery from North to South. California has the most diverse wildlife of any state in the country and this show will sample that bounty from the dramatic northern coastline and it’s Redwood trees, across the rugged mountains, out to sea off Monterey Bay, to the San Diego coastline and on to the surprising, bird-thronged, oasis of the Salton Sea. These areas abound with birds and other wildlife and the plant life is even more amazing than the birds. Spectacular scenery, tens of thousands of sea birds, the largest living organisms on earth, volcanoes, huge flocks of wintering water birds…and that is just the beginning. All in all, California is a wildlife paradise with unparalleled scenery.

NEW HAMPSHIRE NATURALLY: From the mountains to the sea our state offers a bountiful array of scenery, birds, beasts, and blossoms. Pictures and stories of birds highlight this exploration of the Granite State- from the high peaks, through the Northern Forests, to flood plains, bogs, shores, and off-shore islands. Enjoy the landscapes, seasons, flowers and wildlife as we appreciate our natural heritage.

SOUTH FLORIDA: America’s sub-tropical treasure. Exotic, astonishing, and fascinating are words that describe the plants and animals of South Florida. The winter home of an enormous number and variety of dramatic birds including thousands of egrets and herons plus specialties such as the Anhinga, Purple Gallinule, Wood Stork, Burrowing Owl, Snail Kite, and  Smooth-billed Ani. In this show we visit Sanibel Island, home to spectacular Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge; the impressive old-growth Bald Cypress ecosystem at Corkscrew Swamp; and then on to Flamingo in the heart of Everglades National Park. Besides birds we will delve into the natural history of these unique habitats by observing fascinating plants as well as animals like alligators, frogs, fish, and turtles.

TASTE OF THE TROPICS: with a New Hampshire connection. From Costa Rica to Hawaii and Peru this journey looks into the mysteries of the tropics. Exotic birds, bugs, and plants combine with dramatic scenery and interesting cultures to make this one of my most popular shows. Home to more of the world’s biological wonders than any other region the tropics beckon us with their warmth and palm trees. But there is a lot more to the tropics- the world’s largest river, the world’s longest mountain chain, hummingbirds of incredible variety and colors, volcanoes, enormous plants, and some surprising connections to New Hampshire. If you think you know what the tropics are all about this show might cause you to think again.
COASTAL MAINE: Puffins and blueberries. The rocky coast of Maine is well known but have you heard of the Blueberry Barrens and the Great Heath? Or the huge whirlpool known as the Old Sow? Or Helen and her famous pies? Down East Maine is a part of New England that most New Englanders have never experienced yet it has great birding to go with the striking scenery and historic charm. Plus, it has habitats such as the raised bogs and Blueberry Barrens that are found nowhere else in the northeast. Puffins and Bald Eagles join with whales and orchids as we discover this little known area in our own back yard. As an added bonus we will venture into the Bay of Fundy and visit the charming islands of Campobello and Grand Manan, in New Brunswick.

COST: $200

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