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Care for a walk on the beach?

Sea birds are close and tame on St. Paul Is. AK

Group at Thunder Hole







Photos are of: the Na Pali coast; Hawaii, St. Paul Is., AK ; and Thunder Hole, Acadia Nat’l Park, Maine.



Private tours can be the best of all world’s because you get to chose where and when to go and who to travel with, yet we do all of the work. If you enjoy hassle free travel at your own pace, with friends or family, then a private tour might be perfect for you.

 Do you have a special animal that has always fascinated you? It could be an Elephant, Grizzly Bear, Giant Anteater, or something smaller yet just as extraordinary.

  • Have you always wanted to visit a unique place but never managed to get there?
  • Do you dream about certain countries, wildlife spectacles, dramatic geologic or scenic wonders?
  • Does your spouse or significant other have different travels ideas than you do?

 If so a private tour might be perfect for you. The beauty of private travel is that you can control the variables that matter most to you. If leisurely mornings, fishing, golf, museums, music or art are important then we can build them in. For the younger crowd (and the young at heart) there can be rock climbing, zip lines, speed boat rides, and who knows, maybe sky diving. (We do draw the line at wing-suit flying!).

 Destinations? The world is our playground but these tours have been based on places or wildlife that people want to go to but they need help with the arrangements. From New England to Alaska and Hawaii we have successfully conducted private tours for almost 20 years now. And the cost is surprisingly affordable so if you are intrigued by this idea please drop us an email and ask about the wonders that await you!

 Robert A. Quinn


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