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In far northeastern NH lies the richest wildlife area in the Granite State- Lake Umbagog. Over 100 years ago William Brewster gave it this almost poetic description “…like many a precious stone, has beauty and charm due to the effectiveness of  its perfect setting amid the majestic mountains and virgin forests that surround it closely on every hand.”

While there is little old growth forest remaining at Umbagog it is still one of the wildest and most wildlife-rich areas in northern New England. A boat trip down the meandering and picturesque Magalloway River leads you into the fabulous marshes where Bald Eagles and Ospreys nest. The stillness of the quiet is frequently broken by the eerie wailing of Common Loons. Moose can appear anywhere and the marshes are full of secretive critters that emit strange and haunting sounds.

At certain seasons the wetlands are dotted with colorful orchids and native Rhododendrons and, naturally, the blazing fall foliage along the undeveloped shoreline and nearby hills is truly spectacular.

After decades of traveling beyond New Hampshire Lake Umbagog remains my favorite place to drink the crisp northern air, eavesdrop on the calls of wild creatures, and witness the setting of the sun and the rising of the moon over a pristine northern lake.

Bob Quinn – Award Winning Naturalist

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